Faulty Taps Repaired

Problems with a dripping tap, finding it difficult to turn the tap off as it is becoming increasingly harder to turn? New, old, sink, bath stand alone or mixer tap, we can repair it for you for:


M20 Didsbury Plumbing  taps repaired

Leaks Repaired

Burst and leaking pipes can catch you unaware and at anytime, it could be a frozen or damaged water pipe, a leaking waste pipe or even a leaking tank. Don't worry you can rely on us to sort it out quickly for a one off fixed labour rate of just:

£50 + materials

M20 Plumbing Leaks Repaired

Waste Pipes Unblocked

Kitchen sinks blocked with food, shower trays blocked by hair, wash basins blocked with .............. We've seen it all! £50

Please note we don't work on external drains - if you are having problems with more than one appliance you may wish to try elsewhere.

M20 Didsbury Plumbing waste  pipes unblocked

Toilet Cisterns Repaired

Faulty toilet cistern – is it leaking, overflowing, won't flush? We can repair your toilet cistern back to full working order for

£50 + materials

Built in toilets or luxury toilets with non standard components may be subject to additional material charges.

M20 Didsbury Plumbing Toilet Cisterns repaired

Stop Taps Renewed

You should keep your stop tap in working order by turning it fully off and then back on again several times a year. If your stop tap is jammed however, we can renew it from £65

Didsbury Plumbers Stop Tap renewed

Sure Stop

If you are thinking about having your stop tap renewed, you should consider having Sure Stop installed - a handy device that looks and operates like a light switch to turn your water supply on and off at the flick of a switch. Sure Stop can be installed upto 8 metres away from your existing stop tap and doesn't use any electrcity. Please phone for more information.


M20 plumbing Sure Stop installed

Baths and Showers Re-sealed

If you think you have a leak from your bath or shower, then the chances are that its not the pipework at fault but the flexible sealant around the rim. We will remove the old sealant and re-seal with high performance/ mould resistant silicone for £50

M20 Didsbury Plumbing baths and showers re-sealed

Kitchen Mixer Taps Renewed

Bought a new tap for your kitchen and need someone to fit it? We will remove the old tap and fit the new one for £50

Withington Plumber Kitchen Mixer Tap



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